Fenix is a consultancy company headquartered in Istanbul, providing Human Resources solutions. Fenix, your expert solution partner in the field of Human Resources; In addition to the developed country markets, it operates in the markets of developing countries.

Some of the main services we offer with our expert staff:

General & Disabled Staff and Foreign National Employment

Top Level Selection and Placement

Digital Recruitment & HR Social Media Works

HR Strategies and Structuring & Building

Training and Development

Payrolling and Temporary or Permanent Recruitment

Market Research & Competitor Analysis Works

Employee Satisfaction Studies


Fenix works with a team of professional trainers at all around the world such as Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, Belarus, Estonia etc. We cover a number of countries which has a large database and carefully selected.  The services we offer with Human Resources Consultants specially assigned to our corporate customers who benefit from our database and services created specifically for the sectors; reinforces our position in the sector and our trust relations.

Our Process of Recruitment Consultancy

We provide our customers with a one-stop procurement concept that includes the publication of the job addvertisment, announcement, the determination of the most suitable candidate for the position and the placement of the job. We start our recruitment process by sharing the job addvertisment or needed qualifications for the required position with us. All preliminary steps required for the position are carried out by us;

1) Publication and announcement of the job advertisement,

2) Contacting the eligible candidates in our candidate pool,

3) Review of candidate applications and CVs by our professional and experienced team,

4) Conducting online or face-to-face interviews to assess the experience and competencies related to the position.

5) The application of exams and other assessment tools in accordance with the criteria of the position and the positive candidates approved by the customer, if requested or deemed necessary,

6) Organizing an interview between the selected candidates and the employer as the final stage of the selection process.

7) After the company selects the candidate that it deems appropriate, conducts reference control if necessary and if client request.

Our Process of Training Consultancy

Fenix trainers, each with their own expertise and internationally recognized qualifications, have unique experience; We provide training and development services for many sectors such as Information Technology, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, Oil and Natural Gas. We have a training portfolio covering Finance, Sales, IT, Business Development, Marketing, Communication Techniques and Human Resources.

In line with the expectations and demands of our corporate customers; We are designing unique trainings that will help companies to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

With our Outsourcing Solutions, which distinguish us from others and make a difference with our expert staff;

  • We have the ability to provide professional workforce for every industry. If requested we make tests such as Addiction, Employee Satisfaction, Employee Profile Analysis, Personality Inventory, etc.
  • We have outsourcing solutions that will provide you with the labor, sourcing, selection and training you need. In competitive market conditions, we lower your costs. At the same time, we make it easier for you to plan human resources that you may need in the future and to minimize fixed personnel costs.

Mission and Values

Our mission:

To exceed the expectations of business partners and to provide the highest quality human resource consultancy and solution partnership for local and international companies.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best capabilities to position them in the business areas they need.

Our vision:

To increase our recognition all over the world by producing quality, innovative and fast solutions.

We closely deal with our business partners and team, and analyze their expectations first.

Our Values:

  • We regard people as values ​​and respect them as individuals. We trust, support and provide coaching and training to plan their careers,
  • We adopt a customer-oriented approach and provide close contact and warm communication services to ensure the satisfaction of our customers,
  • We focus on producing and developing innovations. Recognizing that the world we live in is constantly changing, we strive to adopt best practices around the world.
  • We believe that Time Management is the most important performance measure of Human Resources processes. For this reason, we aim to provide the highest quality service to our customers in the shortest time and to mediate their profitability in time.