Digital Transformation

Today, in the changing world and the constantly evolving technology, social changes and transformations are inevitable. Digitalization is positioned in every area of our lives.

Our most recent example is the global pandemic of Covid-19, that completely changed the global picture in the early days of 2020 Companies all over the world started to form the necessary crisis management teams to take rational, proactive and most effective actions to stay strong.

As Fenix, we are happy to be your solution partner in your Crisis Management and Transformation Process!

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Today’s rapidly developing technologies offer new opportunities in the field of information and communication, as well as transforming our social needs. We are aware that these technological developments and transformations in the digital world require a holistic transformation in business life. We provide consultancy services to companies with our fast and effective solutions in the integration of new business processes with employees and its effective communication.

Let’s determine the road map and strategies of your company in the Digital Transformation process together. We are ready to come together with our expert advisors, each one to determine the most appropriate steps for you.Let’s change together!

Our Transformation Trainings

The new technologies offered by us in the digital world, make fundamental changes and transformations in both social and business life inevitable. History shows us that human beings have resisted change in every period, yet, only the ones ready to change- survived. For this reason, the companies that have successfully completed this adaptation and integration process will be the ones that will prepare their teams / employees in these stages in the most accurate and effective way.

Education is undoubtedly one of the basic requirements of raising awareness and keeping up with change. Change brings progress, progress brings revenues.

We prepare our training processes specifically and care about privacy. We sign non-disclosure agreement with your company, as requested. First, we analyze your needs together, then we create our training content tailor-made for your company.

Some of the trainings we provide both on-site and digitally at home as well as abroad are;

  • Digital Transformation and Change Management
  • Agile Crisis Management
  • Dynamics of Change

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